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The Importance Of Choosing High Quality Hydraulic Press Fluid

June 12, 2014

The hydraulic press you purchase at RK Machinery will be one manufactured using the highest standards for quality and expert craftsmanship. However, once you get your press in your shop, the maintenance you provide determines how long you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a high quality hydraulic press. Hydraulic fluid determines the life of a hydraulic press, so learning more about the kinds of hydraulic fluids available is extremely important.
High Quality Hydraulic Press Fluid
Keeping Up With Speed And Pressure
The hydraulic presses of today are faster and able to provide much greater amounts of pressure. The hydraulic fluids that worked great in older, less advanced presses of the past will not provide benefits for a modern press. Due to increased pressures, fluid manufacturers must compensate by including anti-wear additives in hydraulic fluid. Doing so helps to increase the life of a hydraulic press by greatly reducing wear and tear from daily operation.

Respecting High Temperatures
Because of the higher pressure and speed exerted by modern hydraulic presses, the need for preventing oxidation of hydraulic fluid is absolutely essential for continued smooth operation. Oxidation can be avoided by preventative maintenance and regular checks. Choosing only fluids and oils that offer resistance to oxidation, the process that forms rust, caused by high temperatures is important. If you worry about the press you are considering at RK Machinery, discussing temperatures and press operation with RK Machinery professionals is a good idea. Learning more the high quality hydraulic press you are considering can you help take better care of it.

Fluid Viscosity Matters
The operating temperature normal for your press determines the velocity of hydraulic fluids you should choose for it. If hydraulic fluids used do not properly accommodate up to the highest operating temperatures, you will see less efficient operation. Properly maintaining a press means knowing when your press is not performing at its best. Learn more about the viscosity best for your RK Machinery hydraulic press by contacting the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at
RK Machinery. Doing so can help you save a lot of time and money in your machining business.

Fluid Maintenance

Making daily checks for hydraulic fluids is important to avoid down time and possibly expensive repairs. Always check reservoir levels and look for any signs of external leakage before operation begins. Checking for external leaks while press is running and while it is off is important to remember. During operation, be aware of out of the ordinary noises and fluid temperature for ensuring you are able to stop operation in the event there is a malfunction.

Today’s manufacturing community has more options than ever before for improving operations and increasing production. Remaining abreast of the latest, most innovating machines being used in industry is an essential aspect of remaining ahead of your competition, especially if you are manufacturing a product in great numbers. Visit RK Machinery for learning more about how including hydraulic shop presses in the workplace can help increase production and profits.

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