Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Shop Presses

RK Machinery manufactures hydraulic press machines such as  H Frame Presses and  C Frame Presses. Our hydraulic shop press have all the features to satisfy skilled operators, yet are simple enough for the inexperienced hydraulic shop press operators. Using a hydraulic cylinder to produce a compressive force, the hydraulic press, was also known as the Bramah press after its inventor, Englishman, Joseph Bramah. The hydraulic press relies on Pascal’s principle which states that pressure within a closed system is constant.  At RK Machinery, we will custom build hydraulic presses according to your specifications therefore ensuring that the H Frame Press or C Frame Press that you purchase will meet your exact needs and specifications.

H Frame Press
Our hydraulic H Frame Presses are available in multiple models ranging from 20 tons to 350 tons; certain models are available in extra wide. Our H Frame Presses come with unique standard features and are fully customizable to your specifications.

H Frame / Broach Press
Our combination hydraulic H Frame and Broach Press is one of a kind. Available in two models, a 50 Ton and the 100 Ton; this combination hydraulic press provides our standard H frame hydraulic press capabilities with the addition of a 12 ton broaching press. Simplify your machine shop with this 2 in 1 hydraulic combination press

Roll-In Table Press
Our Hydraulic Roll-In Table Press provides premium features at competitive prices. Built around a stationary frame, the moveable roll-in table makes heavy-duty jobs a breeze.

Forklift Tire Press
This hydraulic forklift tire press is the only one you'll ever need! Thanks to the superior craftsmanship of RK Machinery, this industrial hydraulic forklift tire press is extremely well built and sure to work for you for many years to come.

Gantry Straightening Press
RK Machinery’s Gantry Straightening Press is designed for all your straightening and machine shop needs. Make your production shop’s work-flow more efficient and get the job done right with the right tools!

C Frame Press
Our C Frame Presses are available in 20 ton or 50 ton models. Our presses are built with dual controls which enable operators to select from either a moveable pedestal complete with dual electric palm buttons and extra emergency stop, or a foot pedal.