Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Press Manufacture and Specialist

Established in 1980, RK Machinery is a hydraulic press manufacture. We pride ourselves on building the best quality, reliable and safe products. We specialize in hydraulic presses and this allows us to focus on offering our customers quality products which enables our customers to concentrate on running their business.

 RK Machinery building and Manufactur

Located in Bedford, Quebec, Canada. RK Machinery is committed to maintaining excellent quality standards. We manufacture and supply an extensive range of H Frame Presses and C Frame Presses. We offer multiple model variants and we will tailor make your hydraulic equipment according to your specifications within our limits.

We are proud to deliver superior performance and durability. RK Machinery is dedicated to offering superior quality equipment, at competitive prices and with excellent service.

Hydraulic presses Made in North America and sold worldwide.

We are proud to be a Canadian manufacturer of quality hydraulic presses.

Our products
Our products include H Frame Presses and C Frame Presses. Multiple models with many standard features are available; numerous options are also offered and we will customize your equipment based on your specifications and requirements in order to provide you with the hydraulic equipment you need to succeed. Complet line of Hydraulic Shop Presses.

Customer Satisfaction
Our goal is to allow you to deliver the products that your clients need. To do this, we are committed to manufacturing quality and reliable machinery. Our success is based on our customers satisfaction, your satisfaction is directly linked towards the quality and reliability of our hydraulic machinery.

Operator Safety

With the multiple features of our presses which are both standard and optional, we know that our hydraulic presses are not only good, they are operator friendly. We offer a front security guard which increases operator safety, important to us and to your business. Our strict adherence to quality standards ensures sound, safe and reliable machinery.