Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses


Straightening Press from RK Machinery

The press was built with the comfort of the operator in mind. The pedestal can be adjusted for height, allowing the best setup for each pressman. Since he can customize it, he gets less tired, which cuts back on the risk of injury and accident is reduced.

Materials It Can Handle

The press works on a wide range of metals, but other materials too. It will safely straighten:

  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Copper alloy
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel, steel alloy and carbon steel


The RK Machinery line of hydraulic straightening presses have a range of features that come standard with each unit. Look at what you get:

  • Lower oil temperatures
  • Low hydraulic system pressures
  • Fingertip control for cylinder activation
  • Flat ram nose that is easy to adapt or change
  • Completely manufactured and assembled in North America
  • All parts are made to industry-standard specifications
  • Low speed pump
  • Pressure regulator
  • Baldor motor is low speed and high quality
  • Smooth and consistent pressing action with the electric-hydraulic operation
  • 40 gallon reservoir for hydraulic oil

Customize It

These presses are flexible, letting you customize them to fit the specific needs of your shop. Consider these options for your shop:

  • hands-free operation with a foot pedal operated electric solenoid valve, compatible with an electric control panel
  • stroke control that is adjustable, compatible with the foot pedal solenoid valve and electric control panel

Your shop needs a hydraulic straightening press from RK Machinery. It opens up the types of jobs you can accept, the types of materials you can work on, and the speeds that you get them done. Invest in operator satisfaction, job flexibility, shop efficiency and your bottom line.