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Want to Improve Safety and Boost Productivity and Profits?

September 17, 2018

Want to Improve Safety and Boost Productivity and Profits? 6 Reasons to Choosing a Hydraulic Press

If your machine shop currently relies on a mechanical press, it’s time to look into the advantages of hydraulic press. You can increase operator safety, boost production and save money when you invest in the right hydraulic press.

Better Control = Greater Safety

#1. Safety

Both mechanical and hydraulic presses are designed with the safety of the operator in mind. When workers are trained properly, both types of equipment are dependable.

But the hydraulic press has an additional advantage. It gives the operator greater control of the ram movements. This means he has more ability to keep it safe.

The hydraulic press comes with interlocking guards, and dual palm button controls that are non-tie down and anti-repeat. Overall workers can manage safety processes more easily on a hydraulic press.

#2. Overload protection

Hydraulic presses come equipped with release vales that open up when a specific limit is reached. This means you eliminate the danger of an overload.

If you buy a 100-ton press, it will put forth just 100 tons of pressure. In fact, it will exert less if you set the controls accordingly. The operator has more control because when the press attains the pre-set pressure, that’s it--that’s all the pressure available.

Improve Productivity

#3. Full power stroke

At any point in the stroke that you pinpoint, you can supply the full power of the press. With a mechanical press, you only get full power at the bottom of the stroke.

This means you don’t have to make provision for reduced tonnage at the top of the stroke. Realistically, with a mechanic press, you need a 200-ton press to ensure 100 tons of pressure throughout the cycle.

The operator is faster because setting up each job is done more quickly. He doesn’t have to spend time making adjustments to the stroke nut on the slide to handle the requirements of particular dies.

#4. Greater flexibility

The operator of a hydraulic press has control of a variety of operations, including:

  • Ram force
  • Speed
  • Duration of pressure dwell
  • Direction
  • Release of force

Mechanical presses go up and down. The hydraulic press is much more versatile. For example, if you have a job with a lightweight die, you can dial down the pressure. You can use a mix of rapid and slow speed while doing a single job.

On a hydraulic press, jobs can be individualized by modifying timers, heaters, feeders and coolers. Another advantage is a longer lifespan for your tools.

Increase Your Profitability


#5. Lower costs

The hydraulic press has fewer moving parts compared to a mechanical press. This reduces the cost of your initial investment. But it doesn’t stop there. Operating costs are also lower.

Pressurized oil, an integral part of the hydraulic design, keeps all moving parts well lubricated, so your equipment breaks down less often. If a problem occurs, it will likely be minor. It’s the difference between a worn piece of hardware as opposed to a broken crankshaft.

When your shop uses hydraulic presses, you are typically dealing with replacing components like valves, packing, or maybe a solenoid coil. All of these parts are fairly cheap.

Due to the design of the press, replacing them is simple and doesn’t require taking the equipment apart. You benefit because your maintenance costs are lower and downtime is reduced.

#6. Reduced tool costs

With a hydraulic press, you have the advantage of overload protection, which is designed into the machine. That is also true for the tools. They last longer and require less maintenance and repair.

Because you can’t overload them, the operator doesn’t have to worry about damaging them. You can size each tool to handle the load of a specific job, not a specific press. You have more control because the press pressure can be selected to suit each particular job because you aren’t dealing with the effects of vibration and shock.

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