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The right hydraulic press will help you retain your customers

March 12, 2012

Is there any worse feeling than letting a customer down by failing to deliver on time? Yes! There’s the added anger and frustration of letting a customer down when the reason for doing so could easily have been avoided. And in failing to deliver, you risk losing your client—and clients are not too easy to come by in the current climate.

Each year in the United States countless manufacturing companies fail to deliver to their clients on time, and oftentimes failure to deliver was caused by machinery downtime—usually for one or more of the following three reasons:

1. Overdue repairs: One of the most short-sighted approaches to squeezing profitability from a manufacturing process is to cut machine maintenance, or take short cuts with machine repairs. This approach almost always results in major machine downtime that brings production grinding to a costly halt.

2. Wrong machine for the job: One of the fastest ways to damage a machine is using it for a task that it wasn’t built for. Not only will the task be performed badly, but the machine is being placed under undue stress. Eventually, something will give.

3. Your machine is past its best before date: Unfortunately, no machine will last for ever—even with scheduled maintenance and lots of tender, loving care. But manufacturers often appear loathe to call time on a machine and invest in a new one. This slows production.

For over three decades, Quebec based RK Machinery have helped manufacturers deliver to their clients on time by building and distributing superior quality H-Frame press and C-Frame hydraulic presses. RK Machinery can also custom design a hydraulic press to your specifications. Furthermore, all the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts used to manufacture their hydraulic machines are standard in the industry and available throughout North America.

To discuss the design and build of your next hydraulic press, contact RK Machinery today.