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The New RK Machinery Gantry Straightening Press 100 ton 2x8

November 7, 2018

Save Time and Expand Functionality with the New RK Machinery Gantry Straightening Press, 100 ton, 2 feet x 8 feet

RK Machinery is proud to announce the launch of its new 100-ton Gantry Straightening Press, 2 feet by 8 feet. This versatile machine will save you time throughout the job cycle. And as every shop owner knows, time is money.

Built in Canada, our new press is backed by over four decades of experience at the RK Machinery factory. It is flexible, reliable and long lasting, made to be the workhorse in any machine shop.


Save Time, Save Money with the new Gantry Straightening Press

The creative team at RK Machinery designed versatility into this 100-ton Gantry Straightening press. It has 3 axes for greater job flexibility. Even better, the operator can adjust the speed on each axis.

The press is designed for all-around versatility. It displaces both left and right, and has downright movement of the ram. You can take on a variety of jobs, knowing the press can handle the requirements.

Do you take jobs that require a slower speed? You’re covered with this machine. It handles projects that require a steady speed, as slow as you need to go.

This speed control is also an important safety feature, just one that is built-in the new press. It has a pressure regulator to limit the ram pressure. It was designed with no pinpoints that can cause injury. The press is entirely CE-approved.

This new 100-ton, 2 feet x 8 feet Gantry Straightening press is equipped with a range of important features, all standard. These include:


  • A movable workhead for jobs requiring off-center flexibility
  • A 16 inch cylinder stroke made for efficient straightening of round bar, steel plate and other common press operations
  • An easy-to-position cylinder for straightening
  • Cylinder activation using fingertip controls that direct workhead travel, gantry travel and cylinder
  • An easy to change flat ram nose
  • A low pressure system for greater efficiency, longer machine lifespan and better safety
  • Standard parts available throughout North America for quick and easy repairs and maintenance


Options on the new Gantry Straightening Press 100 ton 2 x 8 feet

Do you need special functionality for certain jobs? Our new Straightening press has several options to choose from.

  • Stop/Start emergency stop button that is wired directly to the motor
  • Hydraulic press V-blocks in matched pairs
  • Handheld, wireless remote control, including variable speed on each axis, so the press operator is able to move easily around the press.

We can help you with all your customization needs. Choose our optional features. Or let us design a specific solution to suit your exact needs. We are customization experts.

Work with the Best hydraulic press manufacture

For over 40 years, RK Machinery has been helping machine shops just like yours. Our focus is designing and manufacturing safe and efficient hydraulic presses and accessories that get the job done.

We’re proud of our reputation for innovative solutions that help you move projects through the work cycle with speed and precision. Our hydraulic presses are sturdy and long lasting.

We limit downtime by using standard parts that are available all over the continent. You don’t have to wait for parts to arrive from overseas.

Call the experts here at RK Machinery today to learn more about our new 100-ton, 2 feet x 8 feet, Gantry Straightening Press.