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Safeguarding powerful and efficient equipment

May 2, 2011

Hydraulic presses are used in many industries to shear, form or punch metal or other materials. There are a variety of hydraulic presses (e.g.: Hydraulic press brakes, H-frame and C-frame press) that execute numerous tasks.

Hydraulic machines are normally not fully automated and require a hydraulic press operator; this human involvement increases the risk of injuries and renders the implementation of appropriate safeguarding essential.

Hydraulic press operator
The hydraulic press operator is responsible for inserting material into the shop press, ensuring that the material is properly positioned, activating the press cycle and then removing the completed piece.

Severe injury can result should a hand or other body part be too close to the point of operation during the cycling process. By incorporating straightforward safety measures and safe guards into your manufacturing procedures, all machine press operators will not only be safer, but more productive.

Simple hydraulic press safeguarding solutions

Security guard: A key aspect for operator safety is the possibility of having a security guard that creates a barrier between the hydraulic press and the operator; better yet, a security guard that is quickly removable when necessary. Note: According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a common cause of many injuries is the lack of proper security guards.

Operating controls: Located away from the die area, shop press operating controls should include either dual palm controls or a guarded foot pedal.

Motor: A hydraulic press that is equipped with a motor that not only has no exposed parts or pulleys, but that is installed up and out of the way, is the safest solution for your machine press operators.

Work area: A clean and clutter-free work area is essential in averting slipping and falling.

Large bore cylinders: When large bore cylinders are used in an H-frame press, the effect is a lower operating P.S.I. and lower oil temperatures; the result is an increase in productivity and a largely safer hydraulic press.

Ram: A ram with a speed of less than 3/8 of an inch per second allows for a progression that is safe and controlled.

Hydraulic presses are powerful and efficient machines that can be extremely safe when essential security precautions are applied and hydraulic operators are trained and alert.

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